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Can’t stop the TRUTH !!


If..the words were depended by religion;

if..the words were depended by time;

if..the words were depended by the newest culture;

if..the words were depended by situation;

if..the words were depended by my blind heart;

…..that I’m not telling the TRUTH !!


Because the TRUTH is like two-side edge of sharpen sword.

It will raise or destroy your souls.

(Bring U back to the concepts or makes U wanna kill somebody ;))

The TRUTH never care for it; cause TRUTH can give us the way out and the 1st solution.

Better for us to surrender in the TRUTH’s wings.

And TRUTH can come from everyone, no matter who U are; as long as we’re not hypocrite & your word built in the right basics.


So prepare ourselves for the TRUTH; prepare our hearts..buddy !!

Cause TRUTH can come anytime that it wants.

Just hear it or run !! Accept or refuse !! Believe it or deny !!

But U & I can’t stop the TRUTH !!

Yes….we can’t stop the TRUTH !!


( see capital word of TRUTH, and U’ve known what I mean )


About nikorusmedi

Apoteker, PNS, realistis, simpel tapi juga bisa amat ribet, pragmatis, penuh pengharapan (karena pengharapan suatu saat nanti semua keluarga dan orang yang aku kenal dapat berkumpul dalam kerajaan Sorga :) , dsbnya (udah aja deh daripada mulai ribet :p).


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