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And even same stuffs or hazardous things have this caution :

– Do not accept if seal is broken

– If seal is broken or loosed; the contents are not guarantee

– Claims will refuse if seal is broken

– Do not use if previously opened or damaged

Finally :

– Sealed for your protection


So be careful my allies !!

If U’re still pure or never used that things.

Or if U deserve to get the pure seal from precision-engineered products ;))

Be careful from “false or imitation seal” by recycled and reconditioned processing.

Cause I’m talkin’ ’bout reversible & irreversible things.

I’m not talking for this day only.

I’m telling U ’bout lifetime-warranty..fren!!

Yeaah..lifetime-warranty !!!


( Consu-Ment Protective Foundation )


About nikorusmedi

Apoteker, PNS, realistis, simpel tapi juga bisa amat ribet, pragmatis, penuh pengharapan (karena pengharapan suatu saat nanti semua keluarga dan orang yang aku kenal dapat berkumpul dalam kerajaan Sorga :) , dsbnya (udah aja deh daripada mulai ribet :p).


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