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STANDING TILL THE LAST BREATH ; BLOOD (The Pathway for Metal Warriors)



Now hypocrisies show its rampant.

Increased amount in statistical summary of “the silent crimes”.

I just need YOUR justice LORD.

YOU brought me to this way so far.

I’ve been walking so long to reach this point.

Burnt by holy dream, holy love also glory and fame.

Sometimes I want to stop to do something.

I feel I want to jump into the deeper of blackened sea.

Deceived by white lies and hypocrisy.

Disappointed by betrayal.

Nothing good support; losing energy.

Feel so fool and alone.

Feel so tired and too much angers.

Hate the false face of the black saint.

Feel so horrible when I heard that terrible story.

But thanks LORD cause I’m still standing for what YOU’ve given to me to believe in.

Standing for the last breath and blood.

For “the first giving” and “glory of first night”.

Help me stand LORD; I’m almost falling down and want to quit now.

Chorus :

Knights of this world unite.

To defend the hope.

We fight against the time,

they must pay for all.

We’ll make the history.

GOD will be with us.

Keep our souls unite.

Hallowed be THY Name.

(hehehe..hahahaha..my own metal song lyric)


About nikorusmedi

Apoteker, PNS, realistis, simpel tapi juga bisa amat ribet, pragmatis, penuh pengharapan (karena pengharapan suatu saat nanti semua keluarga dan orang yang aku kenal dapat berkumpul dalam kerajaan Sorga :) , dsbnya (udah aja deh daripada mulai ribet :p).


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