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Sometimes I smile when I see all about my friend supporting comment.

Sometimes I feel funny for all words that we wrote.

Let’s take awhile to think for all the wisdom words.

Those are almost useless in this age..my friend.

And HE said, most of us will choose to enter on wide road rather than narrow road.

Just a little bit become flock of sheep, but many more has chosen to be goats.

Perhaps unsaved believers will take a lot amount rather than saved believers.

I still confuse in which side I’m standing now.

And how about our destiny? Did we have choose to pass the narrow road?

I still don’t understand why we must face this friction when we lived in this world.

White vs black.

Darkness vs lightness.

Evil vs truth.

Sin vs holiness.

GOD vs satan.

HE’s almighty GOD, HE was known who will be saved or lost at the end.

I hope HIS grace always be with us till the end.

HIS grace gave us faith, hope and love on the way as HE wants. Cause HIS grace will guide us to walk on straight road with encouragement and no doubt.

Help us to put our beliefs in YOU, LORD.

We don’t want to lost in this battle.

Perhaps we were still strong till now, but who’s know on tomorrow ?

Sometimes reality world force us to compromise, yes..like or dislike.

Our conscience (little heart) hates all of our compromises.

And what we can do ? Nothing but grace..baby.

We just nothing without HIS helping.

The hardest battlefield is not fighting against your enemy flesh and blood.

The hardest battlefield was happened in ourselves; fight against our wrong will; fight against all evil leader in sky; fight against our own flesh.

Fiiiiuuuuh… Just mercy us LORD.



(My own metal song lyric)


About nikorusmedi

Apoteker, PNS, realistis, simpel tapi juga bisa amat ribet, pragmatis, penuh pengharapan (karena pengharapan suatu saat nanti semua keluarga dan orang yang aku kenal dapat berkumpul dalam kerajaan Sorga :) , dsbnya (udah aja deh daripada mulai ribet :p).


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