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We’re sorry (for all my friend’s words)



From the deeper of our hearts.

We want to ask your apologize for all sarcasm or extreme
words that we spreaded.

Yes, you are true if you say that word won’t bring bless.

May this’s not the end,but to be continued.


I know it’s not easy when you always try to keep our hearts;
try to do the best and fight the evils inside ourselves also from ouside world
as God’s command.

And then you don’t get your hopes as you expected before.

I know sure you ever feel it before in every cases.


But it must be telling for us.

To keep the others to be strong.

Like I say before, the TRUTH is like two-side edge of
sharpen sword.

It will raise or destroy your souls.

Bring you back to the concepts or makes you wanna kill
somebody ;))


I know from quite and believe will come your power.

But how far can it be worked??

Sorry if we hate hypocrisies, we don’t need relics or
symbols to show that we’re good or right people.

We never worry if our mistakes that told by everyone.

God has knew who we are and who you are.



We care with your souls !!

Yes, we care..hikss.

But in this case we try to keep our brother and sister.

It’s automatically happened.


I know you will be our enemy.

Perhaps you will fight and hate us.

But that’s your choice.

We won’t hate you. No, we won’t.

Someday,when i saw you in Heaven, I hope you would to see me
and say hi my friend.

Cause at there, it will be impossible if you say,”Hey
brother,get out from my face, i don’t know you, i hate you so much !!

It’s impossible.

Perhaps you will get a highest place in Heaven rather than

May you will get a biggest home rather than us.

But we’re the same, children of God.


One more time I say,”we’re so sorry..sorry..and sorry.”

But we must do our parts in this world although it seems exclusive or extremely.

We always love you forever.


God saves us..thank you very much


About nikorusmedi

Apoteker, PNS, realistis, simpel tapi juga bisa amat ribet, pragmatis, penuh pengharapan (karena pengharapan suatu saat nanti semua keluarga dan orang yang aku kenal dapat berkumpul dalam kerajaan Sorga :) , dsbnya (udah aja deh daripada mulai ribet :p).


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